E - Summer Camp 2021

Join us for the most engaging and fun-filled camp!

2 Batches: May 3-14 (B1) & May 17-28 (B2)

3 Languages: Hindi, English and Tamil

For Kids and Teens!

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Kids - 6 to 12 years

Teens - 13 to 17 years

Check out our FAQ below. If you still have queries, you may call the helplines provided at the end of this page. Alternatively, e-mail any queries and suggestions to iskconchennaionline@gmail.com.

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Frequently asked questions about Summer Camp

For which age group are the Kids & Teen Summer Camp?

The Kids Summer Camp is for children in the age group 6 to 12 years. Teen Summer Camp is for ages 13 to 17 years .

What is the topic for this year's Summer Camp?

This year's topic for kids (6-12 years) is Saints! while
the topic for the teens (13-17 years) is Acharyas!

How long is the camp?

The Camp is for 1 hr a day for 10 days. The sessions will be from Monday to Friday, except Saturdays and Sundays for two weeks. There are 2 batches: May 3rd to May 14th and May 17th to May 28th.

Is there a Sibling Discount?

While registering for a second or third child (siblings), use the coupon SIBLING to avail a discount of Rs. 200 during subsequent booking. The sibling discount CANNOT be used while registering for first child/ cousins.

On which platform will the online sessions happen?

The online classes will be conducted through Googlemeet. Your respective teacher will send you the link to join the online sessions.

Will I be able to change my time slot/ language/ teacher?

Preferably not, It will affect our logistics. So, carefully select your slot.

Who is conducting this course?

The summer camp course is conducted by the Children wing of ISKCON Chennai. If you are not located in Chennai, please check if your local ISKCON centre is doing a summer camp program too.

What is the content & course material?

1) The Kids camp (Saints) will include the following: Stories, Bhajans, Slokas, Art & Craft, Quiz and Activities. The teens camp (Acharyas) will include stories, discussions, debates, dumb charades, role-plays & Just-a-minute (JAM) sessions. 2) Class material will be provided in the form of pdfs, audios and videos. 3) Live sessions will be conducted for only one hour a day during the camp.

Who will conduct the online live sessions?

The online live sessions will be conducted by trained and experienced teachers of ISKCON Chennai.

In what languages are the online sessions conducted?

The online live sessions will be conducted in Hindi, English or Tamil. The Tamil sessions are in commonly spoken Tamil language with some English words mixed.

How much is the fee? How do I pay?

Registration should be done separately for each child. The fee for the course is Rs. 1500/- per student. It can be paid online via razorpay. Once you select the batch, time slot and language, and proceed to checkout, you will be led to a payment gateway to pay using netbanking, gpay or similar UPI payment or credit/ debit card options. NOTE: If registering for siblings, use the coupon SIBLING to avail a discount of Rs. 200 in the subsequent booking. The sibling discount CANNOT be used while registering the first child or cousins.

Where will course materials be posted?

The course materials will be posted in a Telegram Channel dedicated for this course. Your online teacher may also create a WhatsApp or Telegram group for interaction.

What will happen once I register for the course?

Once you register with us, and choose your time slot and language, - you will receive a confirmatory email about the booking and details about the sessions. In case you don't receive a confirmatory email, kindly email us @ iskconchennaionline@gmail.com or call the helplines (given below). - you will be assigned to a teacher who will conduct online sessions for two weeks, except Saturday and Sunday (10 days). - you will be added to our dedicated Telegram channel to receive the course materials. - The individual teacher will also create their Telegram or WhatsApp group for interaction. The meeting link for online class will be posted here.

What is the last date to register?

We have limited number of seats only. So, book as soon as possible, to avoid disappointments. Bookings open on first-come first-serve basis only.

How big is the class size and will personal attention be given?

We are limiting the class size to 20 students per teacher. This is to provide individual attention to your child/ teen.

Will there be any offline homework?

For the kids camp, the art & craft has to be done at home following the videos that we provide. Also, some fun-filled activities will be provided to be done at home, offline. For the teens camp, preparatory homework for the subsequent day online activity may be given.


You can e-mail your queries to iskconchennaionline@gmail.com.

We also have devotee volunteers who

can be contacted at the following timings

of the day. Please contact them if you still

need help despite going through the FAQ.


Helplines :
1) Sundari Gopika Mataji

8667608904 (All days 10am-4pm),

Languages- English, Tamil & Hindi

2) Sugopi Mataji

9791466520 (Sat & Sun 9am-9pm)

Languages- English, Tamil, Telugu & Hindi

3) Esvari mataji

9444708680 (All days 10am-6pm)

Languages- English & Tamil

4) Deepa Mataji 9962229140
(All days 10am-6pm)

Languages- English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi

& Tamil